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Tony Farrell's Family Journal

Notes on content, copyrights, and stock market data in the public domain
(Updated April 22, 2010)

Right now there is basically no stock market quote data and derivate works thereof available on this site because it is largely copyright protected against redistribution by the markets which track and maintain it and the distributors they license to have access to it.  However, I am seeking to purchase it, license it, and legally provide it here sometime in the near future. Very little current (such as delayed quotes, intraday data, end of day data, and real time quotes) stock market quote data is considered in the public domain and freely distributable. However, there absolutely is historical stock market data in the public domain which is free to use, redistribute, prepare derivative works off of, and the like. Specifically, these are the SEC filings which can be found in the EDGAR database and also the press releases issued by the respective securities which are directed towards the general public and therefore very widely distributed. Therefore, until I license some data for redistribution, all numerical data posted here is going to be derived from one of those two sources and will be quoted as such. It will be slowly added in aggregate over time because I have to sort through the data which is available in the public domain. I cannot, for example, just copy historical data from the yahoo or google finance sites and post it here. However, to simply publish the ticker symbols and names along with public domain data which I compiled myself originating from public domain sources for publicly traded companies which I own along with those I am considering buying is not likely to be infringing on any copyrights. So I have told you that a security I own pays high yield monthly dividends, so what? Obviously I would know this, as I am personally receiving the dividend payments. If this is somehow copyright infringement, please do explain. Bottom line: anything posted needs to come from the public domain and be quoted as to the source in order to keep the legal ducks in order, so to speak. (continued below - scroll down to read on)


I am not selling the information provided on this site, nor am I granting distribution rights of it, nor am I licensing it for any purpose whatsoever; it is simply provided for free here for personal use as a supporting document to the content on this web site, and you may refer to it only by providing a link to the main address of this web site or print a single copy for your own personal use. I am working on seeking out reliable and reasonably priced data sources so I can provide more data on the securities in a more complete and automated manner, including copyrighted stock market quote data. This is possible in a wide variety of ways, but I have found that the data licensing is rather expensive, and I certainly have no desire to be in violation of any copyright issues. At first this caught me somewhat off guard because of the ready availability of stocket market data from a wide variety of sources, but they all specifically state that the data is free only for private, non-commercial use and cannot be redistributed, which would definitely include displaying it on this web site. In particular, I have found that stock market quotes such as current numerical, financial, and intraday data, as well as a wide variety of historical data, still does not seem to be considered to actually be in the public domain and is therefore not freely redistributable. When you take a look at the much more limited data which is avaiable to the public and try to format it into a form which is useful for you, you will see why things are this way in a hurry. The commercial data providers go through intense amounts of effort and expense in order to provide consistent, reliable, meaningful, complete, and easily accessible market data, and that service is highly valuable. As such, they cannot allow anyone to copy their work without being properly compensated for their efforts.

Therefore, for the time being, this is going to evolve into a limited-data informational site which I compile myself from public domain sources over time, as well as an educational document, which will show how to more easily compile your own personal non-distributable data sets for publicly traded securities by downloading data from those who provide it for this purpose. Rather than simply providing the data on this site (which I plan to do in the future), I will work on providing the tools and knowledge for you to assemble your own information for your own personal use, as long as I am not stepping on any toes, so to speak. I will build it out and add more information over time, as I spend most of my time running my computer business, and this is just a small side project for the time being.

I also take no responsibility for links to other web sites or content on this site provided by 3rd parties, the validity of their content, or the copyright compliance they employ. When you go to those sites you are bound to their terms and conditions.

Notes on sharing this with others
If you would like to provide this list and information to others or if you want to post my stuff on your web site, you may post a link to the main web address only. Do not directly link to any subpages, table, charts etc. Do not make copies of anything to post to your web site. If information provided herein was used as a reference, be sure to provide due credit with a link back to the main page of this web site.

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